Ideal Place for Globally Renowned Companies

Cosy landscape park surrounded by vast woodland and extended infrastructure of Krylatskiye Kholmy Business Park have long attracted attention of large Russian and international corporations, comfortable environment indeed makes the work more pleasant and efficient. Transport accessibility is the obvious advantage of the Business Park. Krylatskiye Kholmy was among the first that set a good example of decentralized business areas. In rush hours, the employees drive to work in the direction opposite to the main traffic flow and avoid wasting time in traffic jams.

12 Companies
and Global Top-100
The status of Krylatskiye Kholmy Business Park is defined by the level of its tenants: here you can find the offices of 12 companies most of which are in Global Top-100.
8.000 Specialists
from 25 Countries
Krylatskiye Kholmy Business Park is more than just office buildings, but 8.000 specialists from 25 countries working for the leading corporations of the world. To become a member of this business community means to feel its special atmosphere.
The area of the Business Park has everything required not merely for efficient works but also for comfortable life. There are departments of two banks, six ATMs, cosy restaurants and cafes, three canteens, a pharmacy, a medical centre, a dry-cleaner's, a beauty parlour and shops available for the employees of the tenant companies.
The management company always meets the needs and ensures the entire comfort of the tenants from general technical use of rooms to private arrangements.
in the Lobby
Our tenants do not need to worry about bad weather; there are always free special umbrellas in the lobby in case of rain, and convenient wet umbrella packers keep the room clean.

We are glad to be a part of Krylatsky Hills Business Park community. It creates the most favourable conditions for work.

Viktoria Klepatskaya, head of Intel Administrative Technical Department

Management company services are of the highest quality.

Nelya Alieva, head of Infrastructure Support of 3M Russia Offices