New Building – New Opportunities

We are glad to introduce a new fifth building of Krylatskiye Kholmy Business Park. The building is designed by famous international architect firm Scott Brownrigg and meets the highest standards of Class A. The long-awaited possibility to become a part of the unique full-fledged community of the world business leaders comes true. Perfect transport accessibility combined with excellent environment and extended infrastructure makes the new building one of the best offers in the segment of prime office property ideal for your business.
The total area of the new six-story building is 31.325 m2, the rentable area is 28.780 m2. Open planning, 3 metre ceiling height and 10 metre column spacing allow to arrange comfortable working places. Floor-to-ceiling glazing creates a feeling of open space full of light.
Parking Area
The employees and guests of the new fifth building can enjoy the surface parking with 343 parking stalls and a separate bicycle parking.
and Safety in Everything
The unique air conditioning and ventilation system continuously provides the offices with clean and fresh air. The centralized building management system, round-the-clock security and monitoring system and electronic entry system ensure the required comfort and privacy 24/7.
Location near Moskvoretsky Park and direct access to the city major roads allow to be in the centre of business life enjoying the clean environment. You need only half an hour to reach Sheremetyevo International Airport or the Garden Ring Road.
Public Transport
Those who prefer public transport can use a shuttle bus which takes 10 minutes to deliver you from Krylatskoye Metro Station to the Business Park and back.

This is the conceptual
office premises, whose efficiency and flexibility are reached through
simple and easy-to-understand project solutions.

Darren Comber, Chief Operating Officer, Scott Brownrigg

Long-awaited supplement to Krylatsky Hills Business Park with a new modern building opens potential of further growth and development for our tenants, and gives new tenants a rare opportunity to become a part of the already-shaped unique business environment.

Elena Malinovskaya, Commercial Property Lease Director, Millhouse