The Business Park has its own large landscaped area, which is an unattainable luxury for any business centre located in the city centre. Abundance of space and air, walking paths, specially planted large-sized trees and     flower beds create a distinct cosy and comfortable atmosphere. It is easy to concentrate on work here though avoiding unnecessary stress. Floor-to-ceiling windows face the calm green park, and during you lunch break you can walk and feed squirrels at special feeding racks.

Terrain design in front of the fifth building protects the area from street noise and creates a beautiful hilly landscape. A capacious porch at the entrance of the building made of natural wood and designed in the organic architecture style is a summer lounge area for pleasant rest and efficient work in the open air.

  • 8.5 ha of the own territory
  • 5 modern buildings
  • 30.000 m2 of a green lawn
  • More than 600 trees (maples, pine-trees, lime trees, birches and chestnut trees).